On April 4, the presentation of the exhibition “The Hurted Song” devoted to life and creativity of prominent poet of XX cent., a son of Kazakh land Pavel Vasilyev, who died in the prime of his talent during Stalin’s repressions was held. The exhibition was opened by director of Museum-house of Pavel Vasilyev in Pavlodar city Mertz Zakiya Sayasatovna, who told about life and creative activity of repressed poet to the students of Agro technical University named after S.Seifullin.

In the exhibition documents and materials from Museum-house fund of Pavel Vasilyev in Pavlodar city were demonstrated. In the arts part of the exhibition, etchings of the Pavlodar artist V.Polikarpov from the works of P.Vasilyev.

The exhibition will be presented up to April 11, 2018.

On April 5, the museum specialist B.Zhalgasova made a visit to aul Karaotkel, Celinograd district, where she organized the exhibition with slideshow and lecture on “Life interrupted by falsity” for schoolchildren of 8-th grade at school No.6, telling about “ALZHIR” women-prisoners and demonstration of documentary film.

On April 6, by the initiative of the museum staff, fire-tactical exercises with the participation of fighters of the Fire Department № 22 in Akmol village was held and the firemen arrived to alleged fire. During this training the museum specilaists evacuated the foreigner visitors from museum building and left the museum too. The firemen showed the liguidation of fire in the museum building and the works of powder extinguisher were demonstrated also.

On April 6, on the web-site of Astana city the article of Vladimir Arenov “The son of Kazakh steppe” devoted to the exhibition “Hurted song” about Pavel Vasilyev was published. This exhibition was organized within the framework of the project “Homeland” and 20-th anniversary of Astana city by “ALZHIR” Museum and Memorial Complex and The museum-house named after P.Vasilyev in Pavlodar city, where the life and works of P.Vasilyev are demonstrated. The article is available by clicking link:

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