January 22 at the museum and memorial complex “ALZHIR” in “Zerde” hall was meeting of museum’s collective where Oralov M.A. - director of the museum, discussed with the staff the State of the Nation Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, January 10, 2018. This message aimed at ensures a high standard of population’s quality of life according to country. Ten understandable and clear tasks of the message set a concrete program of actions for the transition to a fundamentally new economic model that takes advantage of the new technological order 4.0. People of Kazakhstan should speedily modernize and digitize Kazakhstan’s enterprises. In particular, museum employees must digitize the materials that stored in museum’s collections (genuine archive documents, photos and material objects) for more open access to information to a wide spectrum of people. 

January 22 the Chief Engineer of the Museum Orshabekov S.I. in "Zerde" hall gave a lecture for museum staff on the topic “Safety and health regulations” where elucidate the main fire safety rules in the Museum and also conducted induction briefing about safety and health regulations. (12 p.)

January 29 in “Zerde” hall deputy director of administration and management work Duysekeev K.T. gave a lecture for museum staff on the topic “Maintenance system of video monitoring” , noting that equipping the museum with video monitoring is the guarantee of security for museum visitors at all.

On February 14 in “Zerde” hall a meeting was held between team of the museum and specialist of public awareness activities under the Municipal Public Utilities Insitution “Centre for analysis and advocating interfaith relations under Religious Affairs Bureau of Akmola region Appasova Malika Garifullaevna. She gave a lecture on the theme “The law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on religious activities and religious associations” and highlighted the key concepts used in this law, as well as answered to questions of the museum staff.

On February 19 safety technical engineer of the museum in “Zerde” hall gave a lecture for the museum staff on the theme “Fire safety and fire prevention”. During the lecture, Amirgaliyev Zh. noted that fire safety is a priority for every company and organization, and also held a primary fire coaching in the workplace among the museum staff.

On February 21 in observance of International Tourist Guide Day and 20th anniversary of the official transfer of the capital to Astana, guides of department exposition and exhibition work took part in a roundtable on “Excursion works” held at the National Museum of Kazakhstan Republic. During the meeting B. Sahanova gave a presentation on the theme ““Excursion and exhibition activity f “ALZHIR” museum”. At the close of the meeting the museum staff were awarded with certificates.

On February 26 in “Zerde” hall deputy director Duysekeev K.T. gave a lecture for museum staff on the theme “Action agaist corruption” devoted to combating corruption. During the lecture Duysekeev K.T. briefed the museum staff with the Law of RK “On Combating Corruption”, by decree of the President of RK “On additional measures to strengthen the fight against crime and corruption and to further improve law enforcement in the Kazakhstan Republic”.

On February 26 as part of the 20th anniversary of the capital Astana of Kazakhstan Republic, “Ел жүрегі – Астана” and the 375th anniversary of the victory in the Orbulak battle, the museum's employees took part in the city competition “Fun run” for workers of cultural institutions in Astana, organized by the Department of Culture, archives and documentation of Astana city in the sports complex of the Palace “Zhastar”.

At the end of the Games, the participants were awarded with a letter of thanks from the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Astana and a diploma for active participation.

On March 15, within the framework of Presidential Programme, the event “Welcome, Nauryz!” devoted to Nauryz Holiday was held in “Zerde” Hall. Opening remarks were made by museum director Oralov Meyrambai Askerbayevich, During the event schoolchildren performed the musical composition, sang a song, played dombra, participated in national games and had been treated by national food Nauryz kozhe.

On March 24, in conformity with the order of the First Vice Prime-Minister of RoK by March 14, 2017 within the framework the programme “Green bridge” , “ALZHIR” Museum and Memorial Complex participated in the action “Hour of Earth”. During the action external lighting of the territory of the museum from 20:30 to 21:30 was turned off. Museum specialists made video about this action.

On April 6, by the initiative of the museum staff, fire-tactical exercises with the participation of fighters of the Fire Department № 22 in Akmol village was held and the firemen arrived to alleged fire. During this training the museum specilaists evacuated the foreigner visitors from museum building and left the museum too. The firemen showed the liguidation of fire in the museum building and the works of powder extinguisher were demonstrated also.

In April 9,Ermolayeva Mariya Yuryevna from Moscow, a granddaughter of Elizabeth Timofeevna Minshutina, a prisoner of “ALZHIR” sent the copies of archival documents including Questionnaire of E.Minshutina, Reference investigative case on charges of Alexei Minshutin, who was born in 1880 and repressed in 1937 for participating in counter-revolutionary terroristic-diversion group, Certificate to arrest of E.Minshutina. Elizabeth Timofeevna Minshutina died in “ALZHIR” camp in 1942 at the age of 57.

In April 16,within the frameworkof Presidential Programme “View to the future: modernization of public consciousness”, “ALZHIR” museum was a platform for intellectual game «Generationtalks» among young people organized by “Youth resource center of Celinograd district”.

In April 21 - 28, the museum specialists participated in city-wide Cleaning Day, the territory of the museum and park “Alash” were cleaned.

In April 21-23-s, the museum specialists took a part in training courses for guides organized by Capital Tourism Association of Astana city. Venue – hotel «Wyndham Garden Astana» located in EXPO-207 area. The appropriate expert of international standards, one of the authors of guide activity law in Turkey, a Board Member of Guide Association in AntalyaMustafa Yalcinkaya firstly in Astana conducted the course.

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