The Fund


Public fund «Amanat-ALZHIR»

  1. General provisions

1.1. Public fund «Amanat-ALZHIR»(hereinafter – –the Fund) is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable organization that was created to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in this Charter, and unable to profit from its activities.
The Fund is a legal entity and operates in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On noncommercial organizations", other legislative and normative acts and with this Charter.

1.2. Location and legal address of Fund: Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana city, Saryarka district,Zhenis avenue, 71/56.

1.3.  Full name of the Fund:

- In state language: «Amanat-ALZHIR» Kogamdykkory;

- In Russian:  «Amanat-ALZHIR»Public Fund.

1.4. The Fund is a legal entity, does not have as its purpose the generation of profits for distribution between Founders and employees of the Fund as their income. In the case of income as a result of the activities of the Fund, he should be directed to the achievement of the Charter goals. The Fund uses property for the purposes defined in its Charter. The Fund may engage in entrepreneurial activity necessary for achievement of socially useful purposes for which the Foundation was created, and corresponding to these purposes. The Fund is obliged to publish annually reports on use of its property. 

1.5.  The Foundation acquires legal entity from the moment of state registration of its Statute.

1.6. The Fund is responsible for its obligations with property, which by law can be levied.  

1.7.  The Fund is not liable for obligations of the state and Founders Fund. The state and its agencies are not responsible for the liabilities of the Fund.  

  1. The object and purpose of the activity:

2.1.The subject of activity of Fund are:

  • cultural and educational activities;  
  • developing, implementing targeted projects and programs; 
  • evaluation of programs and projects in the field of education and culture;
  • formation of creative groups and collectives, organization of scientific research, education and restoration works
  • work in archives, workshops, master classes; 
  • support of the creative intelligentsia and citizens, including through the involvement of sponsors;
  • occupation theatrical, concert, excursion and other forms of cultural-educational activities, publishing of books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, films, videos, and other products cultural and educational nature;
  • the establishment of special prizes, awards, scholarships to the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries, if their work contributes to the achievement of the statutory purposes of the Fund;
  • participation in regional and international communities to ensure statutory activities of the Fund raising grants;
  • finding sponsors, collecting funds to finance projects and programs of the Foundation;
  • the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Fund, informing the public of its activities;


2.2. The objective of the Fund is:  

  • the preservation and development of the creative heritage;
  • collect, study materials, publication of works about the repression.  
    carrying out of scientifically-practical, creative, theoretical readers ' conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables on issues of repression;
  • assistance to creative organizations, educational institutions and individuals in the study, promotion of literary heritage, providing moral and material support of creative and scientific young people, stimulating their initiatives on issues of cultural development of the Kazakh people;
  • promotion and popularization of the work of the Museum-memorial complex «ALZHIR» through publishing, theatre, film, television and radio broadcasting activities, publications and creative labs, and other specialized museums;
  • participation in activities to perpetuate the memory of victims of repression, the organization of commemorative meetings.
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