Plan for June, 2019

Plan for May, 2019

Plan for April, 2019

Plan for March, 2019

Plan for February, 2019

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Plan for December, 2018

Plan for November 2018

  1. On November 1-20, an exhibition on “Spiritual renewal: “Karlag” – “ALZHIR” - memorable places in Kazakhstan” will be organized in Nazarbayev University (held in the framework of the program article “View to the future”)
  2. On November 12-20, an exhibition on Абайдың ақын шәкірті – Шәкәрім Құдайбердіұлыwill be held in district library, Tselinograd.
  3. On November 13, an exhibition on “The living pain of the people” will be organized in the GA secondary school No 8, Astana

Plan to October 2018

  1. On October 5, an exhibition accompanied by slides and a lecture titled “Unsurpassed Pain” will be organized in the House of Elderly and Disabled, Koktal, (in memory of women serving their term in “ALZHIR”)
  2. On October 9-15, an exhibition «Қапаста тұншыққан поэзия» will be organized in “Alash” hall of the museum (in memory of artists serving their term in “ALZHIR”)
  3. On October 12, a lecture “Children of GULAG” will be organized in “Zerde” hall

План на сентябрь 2018 года

  1. Сентябрь в Средней школе №5 с.Акмол музей примет участие в акции «Дорога в школу»
  2. 7 сентября в музее в зале «Зерде» будет организован круглый стол «Отбасы – отанымыздың ошағы», приуроченная к Дню семьи
  3. 11 сентября в музее в зале «Зерде» будет прочитана лекция на тему «Память сердца» (памяти бывшего генерального директора «Акмола-Феникс» Ивана Ивановича Шарфа)

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