Eskaraeva Mariyam Garifovna

Eskaraeva Mariyam Garifovna (1906-1960) - wife of Eskaraev Suleimen, the first prosecutor of the KASSR Born in 1910 in Ufa, Tatar by nationality. She was sentenced on June 10, 1938 by the CCO under the NKVD of the USSR as a ChSIR to 5 years in a labor camp Arrived in Akmola camp on August 1, 1938 from Alma-Ata. Released on June 12, 1943. Esgaraev Suleimen (1897-1938 fj.) Born in 1897 in the Kazaly district of the Syrdarya province.

From April 1925 to August 1927 - People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the KASSR. From February to August 1936 - People's Commissar of Justice and Prosecutor, from August 1936 - Prosecutor of the KASSR. From May to August 1937 - Deputy Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the KASSR. Arrested in August 1937, sentenced to death in February 1938. Rehabilitated in November 1957.

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