1. ПУШЕК Анна Юляусовна (так в документе), родилась в 1914 г., Австрия, жила в г. Челябинск. Приговорена 15.04.1938 г. ОСО при НКВД СССР как ЧСИРк 3 годам ИТЛ. Прибыла в Карлаг 31.05.1938 из тюрьмы г.Челябинска. Освобождена 30.01.1941.
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In June 1, in International Children’s Day the museum specialists A.Khassenova and B.Sakhanova organized the exhibition with slideshow “Children of “ALZHIR” and lecture on “We missed mother’s hands” for children of museum specialists. In the exhibition letters and photos of “ALZHIR” women’s children are reflected: Aziza Ryskulova- Saule and Rida, Fatima Osmanova –Zarema and Aitkul, Gulzhamal Mailina – Edil, Mereke and Raziya, Anna Kagan- Feliks and Vladimir, Irina Shubrikova – Iskra, Maiya and Vladimir, Zina Akmetova – Azaliya, Zufnun Nurmakova- Noyan and Tamara, Hanna Martinson- Martin and Inna, Kira Andronnikashvili – Boris, Nina Vsesvyatskaya – Yuli and Alina, as well as letters and photos of children of repressed Alikhan Bukeikhanov – Elizaveta and Ukutay, a member of “Alash” party, Kazakh writer Koshke Kemengerov – Nartay, Sartay and Zayra.

In June 1, in International Children’s Day for children of museum specialists the event was organized. They drew on the pavement with colored chalk, did different figures from clay and made an application from coloured papers. In the end, for the active participation children were awarded sweets.

In June 5, the museum specialist A.Iskendirova organized lecture devoted to State symbol’s Day in “Zerde” hall.

 In June 5, in the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Museum and memorial complex "ALZHIR" and the Institute of history and Ethnology named after Sh. Valikhanov,  Institute staff carried out research work in the Museum for the study of archival documents of "ALZHIR" prisoners. In the course of their work, they transferred 22 books to the Museum Fund published by the Institute.

In June 6, the specialists of department exposition and exhibition works R.Zhaksybayeva and B.Zhalgasova organized the exhibition with slideshow and lecture on “Descendants remember” for persons serving a criminal sentence in the RSU "Establishment of EC-166/10 Department of the criminal correctional system in the city of Astana of the Committee of the criminal correctional system of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

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