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R&D business trips

Scientific expeditions One of the directions of the scientific and research activity of the museum is scientific and prospecting and expedition work, which is actively organized by the employees of the museum "ALZHIR"

On July21-30, specialists of the research and exposition Department G.Tulepbergenova and S.Maylibaeva carried out exploratory studies in archive of DFI, Almaty region, in order to supplement of the fund of the museum. During the research work the fund of the museum added with real photos from private affairs of repressed, publics and states figures of Kazakhstan, which were repressed in 1937-1938. Among submissions photos of Saken Seifullin, Beimbet Maylin, Tolebaev Myrzakhmet, the 1st Kazakh prosecutor Suleimen Eskaraev, made at the examination stage a front and side shot, their questionnaires, archival certificates and minutes of the interrogation of repressed figures of Kazakhstan.

During the work in Presidential archive of the RoK the museum fund was added with photos and memoirs of victims of political repressions and famine 1931-1933, memoirs of Bibigul Tulegenova about her father Akhmet Tulegenov, who was repressed in 1937 and other.

During the research trip specialists of the museum met with Seltzer Mikhail Ephimovich, born in 1930, son of the prisoner of “ALZHIR” and inhabitant of the blockaded city of Leningrad. His father Seltzer Ephim Markovich worked as a director of one of the trust building in Tomsk repressed in 1937. His mother Laurier Braina Solomonovna was sentenced as CHSIR to 5 years in the labor camp and served a sentence in “ALZHIR” camp.

Seltzer Mikhail Ephimovich gave the author book “M. Seltzer: Unprofessional thoughts. A blip of a memory in the pages of diary” to the fund of the museum, in which he told about his life and his repressed parents; their archival certificates, the real photos of father Seltzer Ephim 1929-1930-s, of mother Laurier Braina Solomonovna after the liberation in 1970s and photo with her sons Rahm and Mikhail.

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