of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Kiryat Gat (Israel). The purpose of the expedition is to meet with descendants of ALZHIR prisoners, collect materials reflecting the history of mass political repressions of the 30-50s of the XX century, replenishing the museum’s fund, and popularize the activities of the ALZHIR Museum and Memorial complex.
During a business trip, museum experts Khasenova Anar and Mailibaeva Saya met with the descendants of ALZHIR prisoners - with daughter and granddaughter of Almazova Rita Yakovlevna - Almazova Elena and Olga Chertok; Clara Bron’s granddaughter, Marina Genkina; the daughter of Sumetskaya Anna Savelyevna - Rzhevskaya Elena Mikhailovna; the granddaughter of Emma Emanuilovna Reiner - Ethel Levina; the daughter of Enta Aronovna Lichtenstein - Lily Verkholevskaya; daughter and granddaughter of Sophia Zilberberg - Maya Sheinina and Katya Zobin, great-granddaughter of Mariam Antsis - Julia Antsis; granddaughter of Rachel Romanovskaya - Natalie Gusyatinskaya; granddaughter of Mary London - Daniel Ginsburg and others.
As a result of meetings with the descendants of the ALZHIR prisoners, about 150 materials were collected, such as genuine photographs, letters, archival documents, paintings, embroideries, books, material items that once belonged to the ALZHIR prisoners.

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