On November 21-27, 2019, in the implementation of the program article, Elbasy N.A.Nazarbayev’s “Bolashakka Bagdar: Rukhani Zhangyru” in the hall “ALZHIR” of the museum and memorial complex “ALZHIR” organized an exhibition with the accompaniment of slides and a lecture on the theme “Karlag: Kapasta tunshykkan shygarmashylyk”.
The basis of the Akmola camp of wives of traitors to the motherland - “ALZHIR” was made up of women, many of whom were famous brush and pencil artists who had graduated from world-famous art schools before their arrest. Among the prisoners were such masters of painting as Borkhman I.A., Pokrovskaya L.I., Myslina M.V., Vasilieva A.F. and others.
The exhibition presents the work of Borkhman I. A. - “Birch among the stones”, “Rain”, “Through the steppe river”; Vasilieva A.F. - “Portrait of a girl”, “Self-portrait”, “Portrait of a Latvian nurse”; Pokrovskoy A.I. - “Portrait of Raisa Mamaeva”, “Drummer of “ALZHIR ”,“ Embroiderers ”,“ Old woman in a scarf ”; Myslina M.V. - “Portrait of L.I.Pokrovskaya", "Steppe Flowers"," L.I. Pokrovskaya in blue "," L.I. Pokrovskaya in the image of "Orlekino";
Tsivirko G.F. - “Sketch”,“Sketches of the carpet pattern”,“Kazakh motif”,“Portrait of an Armenian woman”, handwritten children's book “There is a tower in the field”; Greenman B.V. - “Camp landscape”, “Self-portrait”, “An old woman with glasses”, “Mountains and stones”, “Sketch of the curb of the library premises”, “ALZHIR. A tree by the hut”. In each of the authors' works, a difficult fate is reflected, which completely changed their fates.

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