painting as Borkhman I.A., Pokrovskaya L.I., Myslina M.V., Vasilieva A.F. and others.
The exhibition presents the work of Borkhman I. A. - “Birch among the stones”, “Rain”, “Through the steppe river”; Vasilieva A.F. - “Portrait of a girl”, “Self-portrait”, “Portrait of a Latvian nurse”; Pokrovskoy A.I. - “Portrait of Raisa Mamaeva”, “Drummer of “ALZHIR ”,“ Embroiderers ”,“ Old woman in a scarf ”; Myslina M.V. - “Portrait of L.I.Pokrovskaya", "Steppe Flowers"," L.I. Pokrovskaya in blue "," L.I. Pokrovskaya in the image of "Orlekino";
Tsivirko G.F. - “Sketch”,“Sketches of the carpet pattern”,“Kazakh motif”,“Portrait of an Armenian woman”, handwritten children's book “There is a tower in the field”; Greenman B.V. - “Camp landscape”, “Self-portrait”, “An old woman with glasses”, “Mountains and stones”, “Sketch of the curb of the library premises”, “ALZHIR. A tree by the hut”. In each of the authors' works, a difficult fate is reflected, which completely changed their fates.

FaLang translation system by Faboba