Magrifa Murzagulovna was sentenced on July 21, 1938 by the under the NKVD of the USSR as a member of the family of the enemy of the people to 5 years in prison. Arrived in Akmola LO on October 1, 1938 from the prison in Chimkent. Released from Karlag on March 2, 1943 (the information was compiled on the basis of the book “Prisoners of ALZHIR”, published in Moscow in 2003 by the Association of Victims of Unlawful Repression in Astana and the Akmola Region, as well as in Memorial International Society).

In the years 1943-1946, after being released from the camp, she was in a free settlement at the 26th point of Karlag, where she worked as a doctor. Magrifa Murzagulovna was rehabilitated in 1956.

Until the end of her life, she worked as a doctor in Balkhash, received the title of Honored Doctor of Kazakhstan.

Magrifa Murzagulovna died in 1982 (information compiled on the basis of an article by granddaughter Zaure Ospanova).

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