In 1930 she graduated from the Peter and Paul Pedagogical College. In 1930-1933 she studied at the Petropavlovsk Industrial and Economic College, at the same time headed the department of young pioneers of the Komsomol district committee, then was elected a member of the board of the district consumer union. While working in the consumer union, she was simultaneously a member of the bureau of the Akmola district committee of the Komsomol. In 1933-1936 - Chairman of the Bureau of the Children's Communist Organization of the Kazkraykom Komsomol. In 1936-1937 - second secretary of the Alma-Ata Komsomol, head of the department of the Krai Komsomol Komsomol, referent of the Presidium of KazTsik. In April 1937, her husband Alibaev Abat, who served as editor of the Kazakh State Publishing House, was arrested.

Tnalina Zagfi Sadvokasovna was sentenced on June 10, 1938 by the under the NKVD as a member of the family of the enemy of the people to 3 years in prison. Arrived in Akmola on October 7, 1938 from the prison in Alma-Ata. The period of stay in "ALZHIR" is not specified. Released from Karlag on April 10, 1941 (information compiled on the basis of the book “Prisoners of ALZHIR”, published in Moscow in 2003 by the Association of Victims of Unlawful Repression in Astana and the Akmola Region, as well as Memorial International Society).

In 1941-1956 - clerk of the regional department of cinema, head of the household, deputy director, director, administrator of the Akmola Drama Theater, deputy chief, inspector of the Akmola regional and virgin lands of the Culture Departments. She was rehabilitated in 1956. In 1963 she retired, but continued to work in the Palace of Virgin Lands in the personnel department. Since 1964 - member of the Komsomol Veterans Council for the Promotion of Revolutionary Traditions. Since 1967 - a personal pensioner of republican significance. She died in Almaty in 1998.

Husband Alibaev Abat Bazhenovich (1905-1938) was born in 1905 in the Yany-Kurgan district of the South Kazakhstan region. In the years 1931-1932. - Deputy executive editor of the Kazakh newspaper "Enbek", head of the district of the Kenymekh district of the Uzbek SSR. In 1933 he was seconded by the political commissioner to return the Kazakh nomad people from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan. In 1933-1937 - Head of Department, Director of Kazgosizdat. Arrested in 1937, sentenced to death in 1938. Rehabilitated in 1957. (The information was compiled on the basis of her article “We were happy with work”).

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