On November 5, 2020, at the ALZHIR Museum and Memorial Complex, the series of television programs “Imena of the “Abai TV” channel was filmed with the participation of Mikhail Efimovich Zeltser, one of the most famous doctors in our country, mentor of a whole generation of endocrinologists.

The organizer of the first department of endocrinology at the Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians, Doctor of Sciences, professor, author of developments for the treatment of thyroid diseases, is the author of not only books on medical topics, but also a collection of poems and his personal memories of the war years.

Mikhail Zeltser, a witness to the tragic events of the 30-50s of the twentieth century, in his interview said that his father, Zeltser Efim Markovich, born in 1897, a participant in the civil war, was arrested and shot in 1937 on an unjust charge in treason. Mother, Lurie Brayna Solomonovna, born in 1904, before her arrest in Tomka, taught history at the university, was sentenced in 1938 as a Family member of a traitor to the Motherland to 5 years in prison and served a term in ALZHIR. At the time of the parents' arrest, the elder brother Rem was 11 years old, Mikhail - 7 years old. Mikhail Zeltser was with his mother after her release from "ALZHIR" in the village of civilians from 1944 to 1946. Mikhail Zeltser, who lives in Almaty, turned 90 this year. Despite his advanced age, he continues to actively teach and practice.

Also, museum specialist Anar Khasenova told the TV channel reporters about the complex and broken fate of Lurie Braina, who had to serve her sentence three times, first in ALZHIR from 1938 to 1942, from 1949 to 1952 - a three-year imprisonment in the Leningrad Big House (in prison of the Ministry of State Security), from 1952 to 1956 - a stage in Karlag, Burma settlement, Zharyk station of Karaganda region.

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