The exhibition “Repression in the history of the Ryskulov family”

On December 26, the exhibition “Repression in the history of the Ryskulov family” was posted on the pages of Instagram, Facebook and on the YouTube channel, based on materials from the personal archive of Turar Ryskulov's granddaughter Adel Ryskulova. During the period of massive Stalinist repressions, Turar Ryskulov was declared an "enemy of the people" and was shot on February 10, 1938. According to the FSB of Russia, transferred to the Memorial Foundation, the list of those buried at a special NKVD facility called Kommunarka contains information about the burial of T. Ryskulov. In 1956 he was rehabilitated posthumously.

After Turar Ryskulov was shot, his wife Aziza Tubekovna Isengulova was arrested. Aziza was sent to "ALZHIR" together with her daughter Rida (baby), who, at the age of three, was torn from her mother and sent to the Osakarovsky orphanage in Karaganda region. Turar's only son, Iskander, died in prison from tuberculosis. The eldest daughter of Turar Ryskulov Saule ended up in an orphanage in the village. Oaks of the Odessa region.

Turar Ryskulov's mother-in-law, Garifa Isengulova, as “T. Ryskulov's spy”, was serving a sentence in “ALZHIR”. She died of a cerebral hemorrhage, just before she was released. Also, Aziza's younger brother, Shamil Isengulov, was repressed, who was sentenced to five years with a sentence in the Komi ASSR.

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