Interaction with mass media

February 21, shooting of the short film "Gratitude through the ages" tells about the fate of female prisoners camp of "ALZHIR", dedicated to 1 March, the Day of Gratitude was held. The premiere took place on 1 March 2017 on the TV channel "Kazakh TV". The shooting of the film was attended by the staff of the museum A. Iskendirova and E. Samorokova.

March 23, journalists working for the German NDR made shootings at the museum and their task was to make a documentary programme about Astana. The programme will be broadcasted on 14 May 2017 at 18h (German time) on the site: www.hdr.de

On 3rd of May correspondents of TV channel “Khabar” were shooting a video on the activities of the museum-memorial complex “ALZHIR” on the eve of the Day of memory of victims of political repressions and famine. The program release is scheduled for 28-29 of May 2017.

On 11th of May, specialist of the exposition and exhibition works A. Khasenova in the State historical, cultural and literary-memorial reserve-museum of Abai "Zhidebay-Borély" organized a mobile exhibition and lecture on "Alashtyn azap tartkan arulary", dedicated to 100th anniversary of the Kazakh lands of the government Alash Orda, gave an interview to TV channel "Kazakhstan", TV channel "TVK-6", for the newspaper "Yertis onіrі" in which told about organizing the exhibition and activities of the Museum as a whole.

On 12th of May specialists of museum R. Zhaksybayeva and E. Samorokova participated in filming the talk show "Let's talk" with Maya Bekbaeva on the TV channel "Khabar", dedicated to the 31st of May, the Day of memory of victims of political repression. The program release is scheduled for 31st of May, 2017.

On the 18th of May at the International Museums Day «The Night at the Museum» was held. This event was covered in the media. The Director of the Museum M. A. Oralov gave an interview to "Azattyq radio" in which he told about the event. The Museum staff Sahanova B., A. Khassenova, G. Tulepbergenova spoke about the activities of the Museum and upcoming events.

On 23,25,26 of May the specialists of museum E.Ayaganova, G. Tulepbergenova ans A.Iskendirova gave interviews to correspondents of TV channel "Kazakhstan" in which they described the activities of the Museum and upcoming events.

In May in the newspapers "Arka azhary" and "Vechernyaya Astana" was published a number of articles, devoted to Day of memory of victims of political repression.

On August 3, correspondents of the Joint-stock company "Khabar" Agency surveyed the Museum in the framework of the TV program "Otbasilik sayakhat" with the participation of exemplary family from Semei city. In shootings the guide of the museum Iskendirova Asem participated.

On August 22, correspondents of Polish TV channel “TVP” surveyed the Museum, the aim was the creation of documentary film about political repressions in 1930-50-s and deportation of Polish people to Kazakhstan. In shootings the specialist of the museum Mailibayeva Saiya participated.

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