Interaction with mass media

January 8 on the postal address of the museum-memorial complex “ALZHIR” received the No.10 issue of “Rabotnitsa” magazine, Voronezh, Russian Federation. In this magazine published the article “Sad “ALZHIR” by Oksana Chistyukova, an editor of that print edition, she visited the museum and memorial complex in July 2017.

On February 14 correspondents of the channel “Khabar 24” made a report on the restoration of the unique exhibits of the museum in 2017, during which the main curator Zh. Ergeldinova stressed the importance of conducting restoration the main task of which is to preserve the unique evidence of the last century. Among the restored materials were letters of the "ALZHIR" prisoners to children, letters of children to mothers to "ALZHIR", photos of women prisoners of the 1930s and certificates of rehabilitation.

Director of the museum M.A. Oralov told about the unique archival documents of women-Belarusians, prisoners of "ALZHIR", handed over by the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the head of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev during his official visit to Astana and received in the fund of the museum in July 2017.

Specialist of the research Department S. Mailybaeva told about the famous women who served their sentence in the camp "ALZHIR", in particular about the fate of Afonina Tatiana Pavlovna, the famous ballerina, honored art worker of the Kazakh SSR.

On February 26 in the news broadcast of TV channel “Khabar 24” was aired a report about the restoration of unique exhibits of the museum. You can view the report on the official website of the “ALZHIR” museum in the Media section, and also by following the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fbkiDRAzT4A

In March, in journal No. 1 (33) “Astana culture” edited by SMGE “Ethno-memorial complex “The map of Kazakhstan “Atameken” associated by Administration of culture and sports of Astana city, the report of the research works department manager L.O.Abdraklhmanova “Memory of Belorussian women-prisoners” based on archival documents, transferred by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the President of Kazkhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev during official visit to Astana in June 2017 was published.

On April 6, on the web-site of Astana city www.city01.kz the article of Vladimir Arenov “The son of Kazakh steppe” devoted to the exhibition “Hurted song” about Pavel Vasilyev was published. This exhibition was organized within the framework of the project “Homeland” and 20-th anniversary of Astana city by “ALZHIR” Museum and Memorial Complex and The museum-house named after P.Vasilyev in Pavlodar city, where the life and works of P.Vasilyev are demonstrated. The article is available by clicking link: https://www.city01.kz/news/2003953.

In April 17, the specialist of exposition and exhibition department A.Khassenova gave an interview to Anuar Kutbanbekov, the correspondent of “Astana city” journal, edited by “Ethno-cultural complex “Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken” with assistance of Culture and Sports Department of Astana city. During the conversation A. Khassenova told about the life and work of the outstanding son of the Kazakh land, poet and contemporary Pavel Vasilyev, repressed in 1937. The wife of Pavel Vasilyev Vyalova Elena Alexandrovna was sentenced for being a family member of Motherland Traitor and served a sentence in “ALZHIR” camp. The exhibition is presented within the framework of project “Tugan zher” (“Homeland”), the program “Spiritual renewance” and for celebration of 20-th anniversary of Astana city.

In April 18, Guillaume Tiberghien a Lecturer in Tourism of The University of Glasgow, Scotland made a visit accompanied by senior lecturer of the Department "Economics, management and tourism» Raushan Mukhamedjanova. He has been researching the tourism in the camps sites, including Karlag and "ALZHIR". during the visit he met with the museum director S.I.Tergembayev, who told about creation of "ALZHIR" camp, the excursion activity of the museum as well as, what events is needed to organize for attracting the visitors, including foreigners. Arman Suleimenov the Executive editor of the portal National Digital History in the website e-history visited the museum, met with G.Tiberghien and got interview about his project on implementation of tourist trips to Gulag sites.

In April 25,Kudoyarov Radik Nazhibovich, Bashkir film director, an author of documentary projects, including documentary film “Karim Khakimov. The Russian Lawrence of Arabia” about activity of Karim Khakimov Abdraufovich, the first Soviet diplomat, Plenipotentiary Representative of Soviet Russia in Arabic countries and had been repressed in 1937.

At this moment Kudoyarov Radik Nazhibovich is working on documentary film about Astana, devoted to 20-th anniversary of transferring of the capital. In the film the main sightseeings of the city, including “ALZHIR” Museum and Memorial Complex will be demonstrated. During his visit the specialist of research work S.Mailibayeva gave an interview to Bashkir film director, told him about “ALZHIR” camp and prisoners’ story. Filmed video will be presented capital’s jubilee in the movie.

On the 12th June Zakiryanova Karina, journalist of the TV channel “Tyumen’s time”, filmed the museum expositions for the documentary “The most beautiful village” in the framework of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana. The staff of the museum R. Zhaksybaeva and S. Mailibaeva told about the history of the camp “ALZHIR” and the activities of the museum.

In the magazine “Cultural Astana” № 3 (35), published by the State Enterprise “Ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken”” with the assistance of the Department of Culture and Sports of Astana in May-June 2018, an interview with the director of the museum Tergembayev Samat Ilyasovich and an article dedicated to the exhibition “The tragic fate of the poet” , organized by the House-Museum of Pavel Vasilyev in conjunction with the museum “ALZHIR” in the framework of the program article of the Head of State, the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 80th anniversary of Pavlodar region.

On July 20, correspondents of “TRT” TV channel of Turkey visited the museum and memorial complex “ALZHIR”. The purpose of the visit of foreign correspondents was shooting a documentary on the life and work of Ahmad Javad Akhund-Zadeh- an Azerbaijani politician, poet, writer, translator, journalist, and author of the words of Azerbaijan national anthem, repressed in 1937. His wife Akhund-Zadeh Shukuriya Suleiman Kizy was convicted in 1937 as “the wife of traitor to Motherland” and was serving punishment in the “ALZHIR” camp. Correspondents held shooting expositions, located on the territory of the museum. Specialist of the exposition and exhibition work G. Tulepbergenova told about the history of “ALZHIR” camp, the activities undertaken to perpetuate the memory of victims of political repression, as well as on-Azerbaijani women serving their sentences in “ALZHIR” camp. In total 44 Azerbaijanian women served a sentence in “ALZHIR” camp in 1938-1953.

On August 10, correspondents of the “Khabar” TV channel filmed the expositions which located on the territory of the museum, as well as inside the memorial with the aim of shooting a short film about Astana, produced in the framework of the international contest “Golden Ribbon”.

On September 18, the museum and memorial complex “ALZHIR” was visited by correspondents from the production center “Fresh TV” in Almaty, who are involved in creating the documentary cycle “Terra Inkognita” commissioned by the TV channel “Kazakh TV”. The mission of this project is to tell to the global audience about Kazakhstan, the traditions of the people, sacred places, ancient legends, beliefs, etc. Correspondents conducted a survey of expositions located in the museum, as well as inside the building. The specialist of the research department E. Samorokova told about the history of the “ALZHIR” camp and about the activities of the museum, which in 2017 was included in the list of “100 sacred places of Kazakhstan”.

On October 5, the museum “ALZHIR” was visited by Maksat Yasylbayuly executive editor of the magazine “National Geographik Qazaqstan”. During the visit, Maksat Yasylbayuly handed over to the museum a number of the “National Geographik Qazaqstan” magazine, where appeared an illustrated article on “ALZHIR: Ажал апаныin May 2017, which tells about the activities of the “ALZHIR” museum.

On October 27, the museum “ALZHIR” was visited by correspondents of the Kazakhstan Company LLP “Telemasters.kz”, engaged in the preparation of the program “Travel around Kazakhstan” commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This telecast tells about the main objects of the “Touristification Card”.

During the visit, correspondents conducted surveys of expositions located on the territory and inside the museum. The tour guide K. Parkhomenko of the exposition and exhibition Department work told about the history of the “ALZHIR” camp and about the tasks that face by the museum team to perpetuate the memory of the victims of political repressions of the 30-50s years 20th century.

On October 27, Uakhpaev Murat Seytkalyevich, a student of the correspondence Department of the Faculty of “Cinema and TV” at the Chelyabinsk Institute of Culture, visited the museum “ALZHIR” to create an educational documentary film. During the visit, he conducted surveys of expositions of the museum, reflecting the history of the “ALZHIR” camp. The tour guide of the exposition and exhibition Department K. Parkhomenko told about the legends of the “ALZHIR” camp and the difficulties that women faced on the way to freedom and justice in the camp.

On October 28, the museum and memorial complex “ALZHIR” was visited by a film crew of the Tourism Department of the Akmola region, engaged in shooting a documentary film on Табиғат пен көшпелі мәдениеттің тұтастығы by order of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the visit, correspondents conducted surveys of expositions located in the museum, as well as inside the building. The guide of the Department of exposition and exhibition work A. Iskendirova gave an interview in which she spoke about the activities of the museum and about the events held to perpetuate the memory of the victims of political repression.

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