, organized a research expedition to St. Petersburg, the purpose of which is to meet with the descendants of the repressed, collecting materials reflecting the history of mass political repressions 30-50-ies of the twentieth century, replenishment of the fund and the popularization of the activities of the Museum and Memorial Complex "ALZHIR".
During the business trip, museum staff met with the descendants of the repressed, including Leon Nurmukhamedov, son of the repressed People’s Commissar of Health of the Kazakh SSR and “ALZHIR” prisoner Kira Ippolitovna Berseneva, Yakov Isaakovich Kramer’s granddaughter and Yeva Kramer’s prisoner A. Kramer Marina Vasilievna (named after the pilot Marina Raskova), Grotova Tatyana Valentinovna - daughter and granddaughter of Augustine Kurt Vilgelmovich and prisoner of "ALZHIR" Augustine Klavdiya Vasilievna. We also met with the head of the St. Petersburg historical and educational human rights public organization Shkolnik Galina Izrailevna, Annunciation Margarita, Fedoseeva Elfrida Aleksandrovna, Andrei Gordikov, who were sent to Kazakhstan after the execution of their fathers with their mothers during the years of repression.
The purpose of this business trip - to exchange experience and popularize the museum’s activities, a meeting was held with the head of the “Returned Names” Center of the Russian National Library, the editor of the Book of Remembrance Anatoly Yakovlevich Razumov and the director of the Museum of Political History of Russia, Evgeny G. Artemov, during which an agreement on cooperation between museums was signed, within the framework of which is planned to hold joint projects, conferences, traveling exhibitions, etc.
During a research trip to St. Petersburg, about 150 materials were collected, which will be processed and in the future put up for review by museum visitors.

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