Khalyk Dasturi - Asyl Kazyna”. The purpose of the event, organized in order to promote the program articles of Elbasy “Bolashakka Bagdar: Rukhani Zhangyru” and “7 facets of the Great Steppe” in the republican campaign of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Parade of Museums”, is to familiarize with the national customs and traditions of the Kazakh people, to foster respect to national culture, traditions and customs, the formation of students' feelings of love for the motherland.
The theatrical performance took place in the "Alash" hall in the style of EthnoAul. A traditional round table with national dishes was served for guests. The event was opened by the soloist of the House of Culture of Tselinograd district Yerkebulan Kasymov, performing the song "Isanyk zheldіrmesі". The attention of the guests was presented to the national ensemble of grandmothers "Aru ana", headed by Bakhytkul Aitmukhambetova, created at the House of Culture of Tselinograd district in January 2014. The ensemble performed a folk song “Auylym”.
Participants of the ensemble Asemgul Zhuparbayeva Zabira Aidosova, Gaysha Duysekeyeva, Rosa Asylbek, Nagima Tastaganova showed the process of spinning wool on the spindle “Urshyl iiru”, sewing “Kurak korpe”, shaking of the kumys “Kubi pisu" and etc.
Also, the Kazakh folk rite “Kyz balany on bosagaga otyrgyzu” was presented to the guests.
The folk ensemble performed folk, long-forgotten songs - “Gulderayim”, “Zharyam ayday”, “Kyz korgender”, “Saulem ay”, “Ukilim ay”, and performed by Erkebulan Kasymov - “Kazizdіn Ani”. During the event, guests were treated to baursaks and koumiss.
National games “Asyk”, “Kel, sagina, kel!” Were organized for the guests. A tour of the halls of the "Alash", "ALZHIR" museum in Kazakh and Russian, as well as the documentary film "Fierce Cold" ALZHIR".
Director of the "ALZHIR" Museum and Memorial Complex, Samat Ilyasovich Tergembaev, expressed gratitude to the participants of the event and handed in letters of thanks for the contribution to the preservation and popularization of the traditions of the Kazakh people to the staff of the House of Culture of the Tselinograd District and the folk ensemble of "Aru Ana" grandmothers. Also, the Public Fund “Amanat-ALZHIR” was awarded the prize of the grandmother’s ensemble “Aru ana”.

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