The museum specialist Anar Khasenova contacted via Facebook the granddaughter of the repressed Tairov Mansur Ismailovich Rauza Verko, who now lives in the United Kingdom of Hertfordshire, as a result of which she transferred photos and a certificate of the rehabilitation of Tairov Mansur Ismailovich, a photo and a certificate of rehabilitation of Tayrov Mansur Ismailovich to the museum fund. Khadichi Akhmedovna, joint photo of Ismail and Khadichi.

In this regard, from October 30 to November 3, 2020, a specialist of the research department of Baurzhanova Gulzhan in the archives of the Department of Informatization and Communications of the Police Department of Almaty city organized research work using archival materials of Tairov Ismail Mansurovich, repressed in 1937. Tairov Ismail Mansurovich, born in 1900, Uyghur by nationality. Was born in the Alma-Ata region of the Chilik region. Social status - employee. At the time of his arrest, he was married to Gazieva-Tairova Khadicha Akhmedovna, born in 1910, had sons Rustam, born in 1931, Dostam, born in 1936. Khadicha Akhmedovna was serving time in ALZHIR. As part of the research work, a meeting was held with the grandson of Ismail Mansurovich and Khadichi Akhmedovna - Tairov Rustam Dostamovich, who donated copies of documents to the museum fund, including: the work book of Kh.A. Gazieva-Tairova. (1948), photograph of 1948, which shows Gazieva-Tairova with her children Rustam (17 years old) and Dostam (12 years old), certificate of the Turkestan Military District of the USSR Military Tribunal on the termination of the case against Gazieva-Tairova Kh.A dated July 26, 1956, photo of 1921, depicting members of the Second Provincial Regional Congress of the Poor Peasants, including Tairov I.M., photo of Gazieva-Tairova Kh.A., recollection of the wife of the Soviet Kazakh statesman Baribayev Zhubanysh Baribaeva Tashbubi about Tairov THEM. In turn, Rustam Dostamovich received copies of documents (35 items) received by specialist Baurzhanova Gulzhan from the archives of the Department of Informatization and Communication of the Police Department of Almaty. During the study of archival documents, new data about I.M. Tairov were discovered. that he had his first wife and children.

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