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On May 22 in the museum-memorial complex "ALZHIR" the akimat of Syrymsky district of the West Kazakhstan region and Syrym Datov historical museum of local lore within the framework of "Days of Alash" the republican scientific and practical conference "Alashordanyң bліmі kayratkerlerіnң ұлtyқ ideology zholyndaғy kuresi" was organized, dedicated to 105th anniversary of the Western branch of Alash Orda and 140th anniversary of Halel Dosmukhamedov. The aim of the event is popularization of life and activity of Khalel Dosmukhamedov and Jahanshi Dosmukhamedov, brining up the rising generation on examples of life and activity of the leaders of Alash party. The event began with the exhibition "Alashordanynynyn Batiyninin zhetekshileri. Leaders of the Western branch of Alash Orda", which was presented by the deputy director of the historical museum named after Syrym Datov Oishybayeva Ainagul. During the exhibition, Mr. Toregaliev Tulegen, akim of the Syrymskiy region, made a welcoming speech and handed over to the ALZHIR Museum the soil from Butovo polygon, the burial site of Jahansha Dosmukhamedov in Moscow. Deputy Director of the ALZHIR Museum Samat Ilyasovich Tergembayev made a welcoming speech. Pupils of school named after Jahanshi Dosmukhamedov of Syrymsky district Muratova Aysana, Temir Amir, Zeynetden Nurbergen and Bakhytzhan Gulsesim read poems, devoted to the prominent figures of the party "Alash". At the republican scientific-practical conference "Alashordanyң бтыс блімі қayratkerlerінңұлtyқ ideology zholyndagy күресі" the deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of RK Arman Karimovich Utegulov, doctor of historical sciences, professor, alashevist Omirzak Ozgenbai, writer, doctor of philological sciences, alashevist Tursyn Zhurtbai spoke with salutatory words. The event was attended by Gulnara Bisengalievna Kuanshaleyeva, the grandniece of Jahanshi Dosmukhamedov.

On May 18, within the framework of the International Day of Museums and the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions, the museum-memorial complex "ALZHIR" organized a meeting with the descendants of Magrifa Kazbekova, prisoner and doctor of "ALZHIR" camp. The aim of the event was to pay tribute to the memory of Magrifa Kazbekova, an ALZHIR prisoner. Magrifa Muragulovna Kazbekova, an honorary doctor of the Kazakh SSR, lived almost 20 years in the status of "repressed". She stood at the origins of the service of health of the city of Balkhash and brought up a galaxy of doctors, was marked by state awards, such as "Excellent worker of Health USSR", "Order of Labor Red Banner", "Honored doctor of the Kazakh SSR". At the beginning of the event, the guests observed a minute of silence in remembrance of the people who had gone through the inferno of the camps. The event was opened by Samat Ilyasovich Tergembaev, Deputy Director of ALZHIR Museum. In his opening speech he noted the tremendous contribution of Magrifa Kazbekova to the health of the KazSSR and thanked Zaure and Zhannat Ospanovy for keeping the memory of their repressed grandfather, grandmother and mother.

On April 25, the museum and memorial complex "ALZHIR" hosted a meeting with the first newborn of "ALZHIR" in 1938, Georgi Karetnikov. After 77 years, he came together with his daughter Darya to honor the memory of his mother, Olga Semenovna Galperina. During the tour, which was led by the specialist of the research work department Elena Samorokova, Georgiy Nikolaevich shared his childhood memories of birth and childhood in the camp. Georgy Nikolayevich was born in the Akmola camp for wives of renegades on October 12, 1938, and lived in a children's barrack, which was built by female prisoners behind the camp, until his mother was released in 1946. From his childhood memories behind the barbed wire, he remembered tulips growing in the fall and poppies in the summer. His mother in the camp was his educator, Sima Moiseevna; he did not really understand what a "mother" was at the time. The first time he saw his mother was in 1946 when she was released. Galperina Olga Semenovna was born July 8, 1905 in Kiev, she was Jewish by nationality. All her life she devoted to music: at first she studied with the famous musicians S. Tarnovsky and G. Neuhaus and later worked as a director of a musical school in Moscow. Olga Semyonovna's ex-husband was declared a traitor to the fatherland and she was arrested. On March 22, 1938 Olga Semyonovna was condemned by special meeting of NKVD of the USSR as family member of the traitor of the Native land for 8 years ITL. Her daughter Lena was placed in an orphanage. The silent film actress Rachel Messerer-Plisetskaya and her infant son Azarii were serving time in the camp along with Olga Semyonovna. Georgy Karetnikov's birth father, Nikolai Georgievich, worked for the Ministry of Culture, and for the sake of his career, he gave up his son. On February 9, 1946, Olga Semenovna was released. Taking her son, she settled in the town of Aleksandrov, as she had no right to live in Moscow and other major cities. After liberation, she earned her living by embroidery, because it was impossible to get a job in her specialty, teaching was strictly prohibited.
On April 24 in museum-memorial complex "ALZHIR" Kyzylorda regional historical museum within the limits of teleexpedition was organized the round table "Қазақ руханитының жарық Жұлдызы", dated to the 125th anniversary of the prominent statesman and public figure of Kazakhstan Temirbek Zhurgenov, repressed in 1937. The purpose of the event is the revival of the name of prominent statesman Temirbek Zhurgenov, the recognition of his merits before the nation as the sources of spirituality for the edification of descendants and the rising generation, the revival of the reliable facts, the exchange of biographical information, which took place in the life of the spouse of the figure Damesh Yermekova-Zhurgeneva and other wives of prominent figures who served their sentence, as well as the tribute to Temirbek Zhurgenov. The event began with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Wall of Memory. Deputy Director Samat Ilyasovich Tergembayev delivered the opening speech. Then acted the member of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan, the figure of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the chairman "Public fund" T. Zhurgenov. Jurgenovңsat Sabi Abdіqadaruly, director of Kyzylorda regional historical and local history museum Kozeibaev Sapar Aliyasqaruly, teacher-veteran, kinswoman of Temirbek Jurgenov Kuanova Marita Binazarkyzy, Iskakova Gulbaram Rakhimzhanovna, the daughter-in-law of Temirbek Zhurgenov, the deputy director of KSU "Kogamdyk kelism", the member of the Kyzylorda regional commission on rehabilitation of victims of political repressions, doctor of philosophical sciences Omarov Daulet K. The speakers told about the contribution of Temirbek Zhurgenov into the development of Kazakh culture, literature, science and education, who devoted his life to serving his nation. Gulbaram Iskakova, the daughter-in-law of the younger brother of Temirbek Zhurgenov, told about Damesh Zhurgenova whom she met in 1969. They had a good relationship. Damesh Zhurgenova was an honored doctor of the Kazakh SSR, served time in "ALZHIR" from 1938 to 1941. According to Gulbaram, she was an aristocratic, educated, cultured, kind and sympathetic woman. She helped her brother Temirbek's family with her pension. And at the age of 85 she died of a brain hemorrhage without waiting for the arrival of an ambulance. Director of Kyzylorda regional history and local history museum Kozybayev Sapar Aliyaskarly presented the museum a painting in oil with the image of T. Zhurgenov, created by Tursynbek Omarov, member of the Eurasian Union of designers and art critic of the gallery of art painting named after S. Aitbayev. Also the books "The museum - halyk kazynasy", "Syr boyynynyn sakraldy eskertkishteri: mifter, inyzdar, hikayattar", "Commissar Zhurgenov" and the letter of thanks for the assistance in conducting the event were presented to the museum. In his turn, Samat Ilyasovich gave his colleagues a collection of memories of prisoners of ALZHIR and their descendants "Ұrpaқtar ұмытпайды. Remember the descendants" published by the staff of the museum for the 10th anniversary of the museum and the 80th anniversary of the beginning of mass political repressions. At the end of the event, an excursion to the memorial-museum complex "ALZHIR" was held.
On April 5, 2023 in the Communications Service of Astana a briefing was held with the participation of Deputy Director of the Directorate of the United Museums Samat Tergembaev about the activities of the museums of the capital. During the online press conference the information on association of the museums "Ethno-memorial complex Atameken", "ALZHIR" museum, "Saken Seifullin museum", "Center for the preservation of monuments and objects of historical and cultural heritage" was given.
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