May 15, In association with search group “Malinovka”, created under the museum on February 2011, the museum staff organized the meeting with veterans of home front of Akmol village and Tselinograd district, veterans of Afghan’s war, soldiers of the military unit №44813.

May 14, on the eve of International Day of museums, museum employees took part in the conference “Museum and sustainable development”, organized by Kazakhstan Committee of International Council of museums (ICOM Kazakhstan) with support of Culture and Sports Ministry of Kazakhstan.

“ALZHIR” museum-memorial complex was awarded with diploma “The museum of the year”, museum director was awarded by the certificate.

May 22, the meeting with people, who personally knew Tatyana Iving-Afonina, a prisoner of ‘ALZHIR’ was held. There were Bykovskaya Valentina Alekseyevna, Melnikov Dmitry Nikolayevich and Karp Leonid Lazarevich. Bykovskaya Valentina Alekseyevna was a pupil of Tatyana Afonina. Lots of information from Bykovskaya V’s talk about life of Tatyana Afonina was given.

May 27, on the eve of Memorial Day of the victims of political repression and starvation ,the museum employee Zhalgasova Bekzhamal participated in the conference organized by Nazarbayev University, where read lecture “The scientific and research works of the museum”.

May 29, on the eve of Memorial Day of the victims of political repression and starvation, in “ALZHIR” museum with association of Zhas Otan – the youth wing of the Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party and S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University the event was held.

May 29, in the scientific-practical conference called “Repression and Famine in Kazakhstan, 1930-s: origins and background”, organized by Internal Policy Department of Astana in the conference-hall in Independence Palace, the museum staff Zhangutdinova Almagul participated.

May 28-31, in The International forum “Sherli shezhire amanaty” within the framework of the project “Memory for the sake of the future” organized by Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in Ural city, the museum staff Baurzhanova Gulzhan participated. She gave a presentation on “Researching works of the museum”.

June 4, the museum staff attended in the event “Umitn eldin arkalap, armannan tugan ramizder”, devoted State Symbol Day, organized by Internal Policy Department of Tselinograd District, Akmola region.

June 16, within the framework of the Gender Equality Strategy 2006-2016 in Kazakhstan, the meeting with Tembayev Erbol, a director Chamber of entrepreneurs of Tselinograd district branch and with women- entrepreneurs of Akmol village was organized.

September 11, the meeting with Tursyn Zhurtbay, a writer, a scientist, director of National center “Otyrar kitapkhanasy” under Gumilev Eurasian National University was held. Event, within the framework of the abay reading was devoted to 170-th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev, a great Kazakh poet, philosopher, thinker, took place.

October 14, in association with National center “Otyrar kitapkhanasy” under Gumilev Eurasian National University, a round table devoted to 550-th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate was held.

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