Посетители музея 2016г

2 February Eduard Punegov, a reporter of teleradio “Russia”, visited the Museum and memorial complex to become familiar with the history of the Akmolinsk camp and to make a programme about “ALZHIR”.

18-24 March the museum was visited by the leading journalists and observers from Austria, USA, Germany, Greece, Israel, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, India, Great Britain, UAE, accredited to the elections of deputies to Majilis of the Parliament and Mislikhats of the RK.

21 March researchers from the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Prague, Czechia to study the theme of political repressions and to collect materials about Czechoslovak citizens repressed in the USSR visited the museum.

29 March , to familiarize with the history of Akmola camp, Kurdova T.V. , a head of Departmentof culture, Penza Region, Russia, visited the museum.

23 April , the delegation in charge of Khamid Karzay, ex-president of The Islamic Republic Afghanistan, arrived in Astana for the participation in XIII Eurasian Media Forum visited the museum. In the delegation Ambassador of Afghanistan Baraki Mohammad Faruk admitted.

24 April , Darya Violina , a granddaughter of Lidia Frenkel, a prisoner of “ALZHIR” visited the museum.

10 May , to familiarize with the history of Akmola camp, guests from Belorussia made a visit, being children in German concentration camp during Great Patriotic War.

13 May, representatives of Norway consulate has come to “ALZHIR” Museum and Memorial Complex.

26 May, a manager of the central bank of France, Fransua Villeua de Galo visited the museum.

28 May, to familiarize with the history of Akmola camp, Thomas Sargent, an American economist, laureate of Nobel prize on economy in 2011, made a visit.

31 May, Malika Bekturova, a deputy of Astana city mayor has come to the museum.

1 June, chairmen of committee of workers trade union of building and of building materials industry from countries the CIS visited the museum “ALZHIR”

3 June,the descendants of Koshmukhamed Kemengerov, a Kazakh writer, a scientist and public figure, repressed in 1937, attended the museum.

5 June, participants of VІ International “Kadeч 2016” exhibition of armaments and military-technical property from Germany and Lithuania has come to the museum.

8 June, Emergency and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Poland to Kazakhstan, Andjey Bober made a visit.

14 June, representatives of Embassy of Estonia and Armenia to Kazahstan visited the museum

15 June, Emergency and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Turkey to Kazakhstan, Nevit Uyanyk made a visit

21 June, the museum was visited by delegation from Russian Federation with V. F.Yakovlev, adviser of President of Russia.

23 June, Vladimir Mamayev,a grandson of Raissa Mamayeva, a prisoner of “ALZHIR” visited the museum.

25 June, the delegation from France at the head with Jacques Godfren, President of Charles de Gaulle Fund and ex-minister in accompaniment with Emergency and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France, Francis Etienne visited the museum.

5 July, the descendants of Makash Tatimov, a scientist and demographer made a visit.

5 July, on the threshold of Capital Day, in the framework of the III annual International theatre festival “Sakhnadan salem”, organized by the Department of culture, archives and documentation of Astana city, Svintitsky Nikolay Nikolayevich - a director of Tbilisi State academic Russian drama theatre named after A. S. Griboedov, the President of the International cultural-educational Union "Russian club" visited “ALZHIR” museum.

7 July, Imashev Berik Mazhitovich, the Minister of justice of RoK made a visit.

14 July, Casali Ken и Shim Michela, the teachers of English training center “Astana LTC” has come to the museum.

14 August, Kusherova Sholpan with her daughter Saule, the descendants of Amirgali and Alima Meneshevs, repressed in 1937 visited the museum.

18 August, Extraordinary Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mojtaba Damirchilu visited “ALZHIR” museum.

25 August , Udovenko Ilya Vitalyevich, Senior researcher of the Museum of Gulag history visited the museum. In the meeting of the coordination Committee on air defense under the Council of Ministers of defense of the States-participants of the CIS countries, the military delegation of the countries of the CIS, headed by V.Bondarev, the commander of Military Space forces of the Russian Federation. During the event, as a sign of respect to the memory of the prisoners of "ALZHIR" camp, the ceremony of laying flowers to the Wall of Remembrance and observe a minute of silence were held.

28 August, the Minister of Reunification of Korea Khon-Yoh-phe and vice Minister Kim Nam-djung made a visit. They put flowers to Memorial Wall.

On September 8, Natalya Martynova leading researcher of scientific-fund department, National Historical Museum, Belorussia visited the museum.

On September 15, members of the Organization of Treaty on collective security of States-participants of the CIS, as a sign of respect to the memory of the prisoners of "ALZHIR" camp laid flowers to the Memorial Wall.

On October 10, the students – children deprived of parental care, children from large and single-parent families of “Zhas Ulan” school named after the general Nurmagambetov S.K. visited the museum.

On October 10, women with the children from a crisis shelter for victims of domestic violence under the akimate of Astana made a visit.

On October 18, the orphans and children deprived of parental care live and study in vocational and technical college attended the museum.

On October 20, the descendants of Rakhimzhan Koshkarbayev, Hero of the Soviet Union and Orinsha Karabalina, a daughter of “ALZHIR” prisoner Ayish Kulumbetova attended. Orinsha Karabalina transferred to the museum original rehabilitation certificate of Uzakbay Kulumbetov, a chairman of Kazakh USR CEC repressed in 1938, the book she wrote dedicated to memory for her father Uzakbay Kulumbetov, in which she wrote about suffering and trials endured by children of Uakbay and Ayish in repressed years. For the guests the excursion was organized and the film was demonstrated on a grant basis.

On October 20, the specialists of Astana State Archive and Ukranian Military Archive paid a visit to the museum.

On October 25, with the purpose of acquaintance with the history and culture of Kazakhstan, which is part of the curriculum visiting of friendly foreign countries, the delegation members’ wives of Higher defence management from College of defence management of the Republic of India made a visit.

On November 6, the participants of International festival of young creators “Shabit” made a visit.

On November 10, Kairbek Kemengerov, dealing with research of “Alash” party creation, great-grandson of Koshmukhamed Kemengerov - a writer and playwright repressed in 1937, also public figures, historians of Kazakhstan, participants of “Alikhan Bukeikhanov: Alash legacy and Independence value” conference timed to coincide with 150-th anniversary of Alikhan Bukeikhanov - a public figure and statesman, one of the leaders of “Alash” party repressed in 1937 visited the museum. Laying flowers to Memorial Wall and praying of Tselinograd district imam were held

On November 14, participants of the second session of “Astana club” from Afghanistan, Austria, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, USA and France paid a visit. Zhakisheva Saule Aukenovna, a doctor of historical sciences, professor of history and ethnology institutions named after Sh.Ualikhanov, Almaty organized a guided tour for the guests at the museum.

On November 14, Olga Konstaninovna Gromova, Russian writer, an author of “The sugar child” book, written by narrating of Stella Nudolskaya, who after shooting of her father, with her mother were sent to the camp, Kyrgyzia as a Family member of the Traitor to the Motherland attended the museum.

On December 2, the delegation of Belarus in charge with Vakulchik Valery Pavlovich, a military leader, Chairman of the state security Committee of the Republic of Belarus made a visit to the museum.

On December 13, Sarukhanova Nina Vladimirovna, a granddaughter of Stolyarskaya Irina Lyudvigovna, a prisoner of “ALZHIR”, an actress of Gorky Moscow Art Theater visited the museum. The husband of Irina Lyudvigovna Bem-Stolyarsky Alfred Carlovich was a head of the Soviet Bureau of the international of sailors and port workers, repressed and sentenced to death in 1937.

On December 14, on the eve of 25-th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, Shamshieva Nurgul Akylbekovna, Director of strategic planning and coordination of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan paid a visit.

On December 25, Sukhanberdieva Elmira Amangeldievna, a vice-minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the guests from Germany visited the museum.

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