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Exhibition on "For the Memory of "ALZHIR" Azerbaijan women-prisoners"

Video dedicated to the International youth day on "Fashion Show of the 1940s-1980s of the XX century" (with the participation of employees of the Museum "ALZHIR").

Video of Serik Turginbekuli, a well known poet, writer, laureate of International prize “Alash” on “Kazakh famous persons”

Azari Plisetsky's memoirs of the years spent behind the barbed wire (excerpt from the documentary film by Sergei Shafir "Behind the zone").

The slide exhibition on “ALZHIR” prisonerGulzhamal Mailina” the wife of the well-known Kazakh writer Beyimbet Maylin. Born in 1900, Karabalyk district, a Kazakh woman.

Video with memoirs of Rjevskaya Elena Mikhaylovna about her mother Sumetskaya Anna Savelyevna, who spent in “ALZHIR” camp.

Video with Maya Klyashtornaya's memories of the years spent in "ALZHIR" together with her mother Yanina Germanovich.

Exhibition on “ALZHIR” prisoner Afonina Tatyana Pavlovna”

Poem of Abay Kunanbayev “Captivity dark fire” (translated by V.Rozhdestvenskiy) performed by museum specialist Ashimova Ainur.

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