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On October 1, 2020, the staff of the «ALZHIR» Museum congratulated the deported representatives living in the Akmol village to Valentina and Ivan Dremel, Ablyakimova Raisa on the International Day of the Elderly and handed them food packages.

Exhibition "Family - the abode of happiness" (dedicated to Family Day)

Prisoner of "ALZHIR" Shanina Zhanbike.

Exhibition accompanied by slides "Torgay Suleimenov".

The exhibition "Uly dalanyn uly tulgasy ultymyzdyn maktanyshy", timed to coincide with the 1150th anniversary of the birth of the great thinker Al-Farabi.

Exhibition on the theme "Prisoner" of ALZHIR "Ilyasov Muslim".

The exhibition "Memlekettik til - menin tilim", timed to the Day of languages ​​of the people of Kazakhstan.

September 5 - is the Day of languages ​​of the people of Kazakhstan.

According to the project "Olmeitugin artynda soz kaldyrgan"

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