January 23 the exposition and the lecture “Political repressions in Kazakhstan” were organized for the pupils of 56th school of Astana.

January 26 the exhibition and the lecture “Thin memory of the life” were organized for pupils of 58th school in Astana.

February 21 the exhibition and the lecture “Fates of “ALZHIR” women” were organized for the pupils of 7th school in Astana.

March 6-9 the “Mother is our life” exhibition dedicated to the International Women's Day was organized in the museum.

March 22 the "ALZHIR” museum in cooperation with akimat of Tselinograd district organized "Nauryz" holiday.

April 3 the museum staff visited a children's colony No. 166\1. For children the exhibition was organized.

April 30 to May 3 the book exhibition was organized in "Alash” hall to the National Unity Day in Kazakhstan.

May 2-11 «Мемлекеттік рәміздер – ел мәртебесі» exhibition was organized in the "ALZHIR” museum.

May 7-11 the book exhibition dedicated to the Victory Day was organized.

May 21 the exhibition dedicated to the Day of memory of victims of political repressions and hunger was organized in "Zhastar” Palace in Astana for pupils of high schools.

June 1 «Ана алақанын сағындық» exhibition was organized in "Alash” museum hall.

July 23-31 the exhibition and the lecture “With hope to the future” were organized in “ALZHIR” museum hall.

August 6-10 the museum staff organized the exhibition timed to 95th anniversary of “Alash-Orda” Government in S. Seifullin museum.

August 10-16 the deputy of the director of the museum Smailova Sh. organized the lecture “Fates of “ALZHIR” women” in the museum.

August 15-19 the exhibition «Қатал тарих куәсі» dedicated to political repressions was held in the museum.

August 27-31 the exhibition “Constitution – the main Low of the country” timed to the Day of Constitution of RK was held in the museum.

September 3-9 the exhibition «Азапты жеңген азамат» dedicated to Kayum Mukhamedjanov who studied the life of Abay, was held in the museum.

September 17-23 the exhibition «Алаш және Мұхтар Әуезов» dedicated to the 115th anniversary of a writer Mukhtar Auezov was organized in the museum.

October 1-15 the exhibition “Famous names of “ALZHIR” was presented in the museum.

December 19 the Museum and memorial complex together with the Embassy of Poland in the RK organized the exhibition “Army of General Anders – destiny of Poles in Central Asia during World War II”.

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