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Research trips

One of the tendency of the scientific-researching activities of the museum is scientific –searching and expedition works, which “ALLZHIR” museum staff actively organize.

June 26- July 3, research expedition to Almaty was organized. Research works in Central state museum of RoK, in the museum of history of Almaty, in Almaty State University named after Abay, in Central archive of Rok were held and materials about Amangeldy Imanov, Karlag were collected.

August 24- September 6, museum employees visited Tashkent city, Uzbekistan. During the work in the State museum of history and museum of the victims of political repression, they received the archival documents about “Alash” party activity and it’s members: A.Baytursunov, Zh.Akpaev, A.Bukeykhanov, M,Shokay and others were .

April 27- May 11 the expedition in Saint-Petersburg was held. During the expedition the meetings with the staff of the museums, archives, “Vozvrashennye imena” center, “Leningrad martyrolog” center under Russian national library and descendants of repressed people were organized.

July 11-21, museum employees made the expedition to Kyzylorda. During the expedition the meeting with Atabay Bazarbayev, a manager of Mustafa Shokay fund, with Marat Dosmukhametov, a grandson of Khalel Dosmukhamedov, with manager of German, Tatar, Slovenians, Chechen, Kyrgyz, Polish and Jewish centers were held. Museum fund expanded with photos, archival materials and personal objects of resettled and deported people of Kazakhstan.

October 31 - November 7, museum employees visited Pavlodar. Research work were organized in Archive Department of Pavlodar region and in the museum of Pavel Vasilyev, a repressed poet.

November 8-18, museum employees visited Uralsk city. Research works weres held in the committee of national security and archive of RK. They met with Vladimir Shramko, a son of Galina Chucharina, a prisoner of “ALZHIR”.

November 27- December 3, museum employees made the expedition to Semey city. Research works were organized in the center of documentation of contemporary history of Eastern-Kazakhstan region, in “Mukhtar Auezov and figures of “Alash” museum. The museum fund expanded with materials on the topic: “Confiscation in 1938,Kazakhstan”, “Great terror in 1937-1938-s”, “Alash” and “December events in 1986”.

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