Research trips

One of the tendency of the scientific-researching activities of the museum is scientific –searching and expedition works, which “ALLZHIR” museum staff actively organize.

March 26- April 6, employees of the museum have made a scientific expedition to Kyzyl orda. Museum fund acquired in new materials, that reflected activity of repressed Alashorda members: Khalel Dosmukhamedov, Mustafa Shokay, Temirbek Zhurgenev and history of Korean diasporas, deported to Kazakhstan.

April 6-10 research expedition to Karagandy was held. In State archive materials under the theme “resettled people of Kazakhstan”, “Social-economical situation in the end of 1930-s” have been purchased.

April 3-20, research workers of “ALZHIR” museum made a scientific trip to Almaty. Museum fund acquired in new exhibits of “ALZHIR” prisoners: Sh.Tatimova, D.Zhurgeneva, N.Nurmakova and others

April 25- May 9, museum employess met with descendants of “ALZHIR” prisoners: Daria Violina, Kira Andronnikoshvili, Marat Kim, Butylina Tatyana, Zoya Serebryakova and employees of State archive of Russia, “Memorial” society, “Dom nanaberezhnoy” museum, State museum GULAG and ICOM.

July 13-25, employees of the museum have made a scientific expedition in Zhezkazgan, during this expedition the meeting with Yuiy Grunin, ex-prisoner of Steplag and with Esruddin Mutsaev, ressettled man, a honored metallurgic was held.

July 30- August 7, the staff of the museum made a business trip to Orenburg.They made research works in the archive of Orenburg region, in the Center of documentation of latest history of the region and in the regional historic museum. The archive of Orenburg region transferred to the fund a collection of original newspaper “Pravda”, 1937.

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