Research trips

One of the tendency of the scientific-researching activities of the museum is scientific –searching and expedition works, which “ALLZHIR” museum staff actively organize.

May 10-19 scientific expedition was held in Tomsk city. In the course of the trip, in “Jail of NKVD” museum, the meeting and the exhibition “Broken link” were organized. Materials about A.Baytursunov, A.Ermekov and Damesh Zhurgeneva, a prisoner of “ALZHIR” were donated to the museum fund.

July 30- August 2, scientific expedition took place in Balkhash town. The museum fund added by material on Magrifa Kazbekova.

October 20-23, employees of the museum have made a scientific expedition in Minsk, Belorussia. In the museum of Great Patriotic War, “Famous names of “ALZHIR” exhibition was organized. Research work was concentrated in State archive, plus the meeting with Inna Bronshtein and Maya Klyashtornaya, descendants of “ALZHIR” prisoners. Maya Klyashtornaya transferred to the fund of the museum a blanket, in which she was swaddled by her mother and women's belt, embroidered by her mother in the camp.

November 8-16, the staff of the museum made a business trip to Ural city. They attended the historic-regional museum, The Center of the history and archeology, the museum of Manshuk Mametova, in which the exhibition “Those terrible years …”, also demonstration of the film were organized.

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