Research trips

One of the tendency of the scientific-researching activities of the museum is scientific –searching and expedition works, which “ALLZHIR” museum staff actively organize.


On January 9, for the replenishment of the museum fund specialist carried out a research work in the Information-analytical Department of Internal Affairs in Kostanay region. During the research work, the copies of archival certificates, questionnaire of “ALZHIR” prisoners: Serikbayeva Fariza, Shless Susanne, Chernova Anna, Kalinina Valentina (Ulyana), Tsimmerman Sofia, Tyabinova (Umutbayeva) Elena, Kharlamova Valentina, Zabetskaya Pavilna were transferred to the museum. 

On January 10, in order to increase the museum fund, museum specialist made a research work in State archive, Information-analytical Department   of Internal Affairs in Almaty with documents of Khassen Nurmukhamedov, who was repressed and sentenced to death in 1938 by proxy of Leon Nurmukhamedov, a son of Kh. Nurmukhamedov. During the research work, the membership and military identity card, photos of Khassen Nurmukhamedov in captivity, passport and membership card of his wife, Kira Ippolitovna Berseneva, a prisoner of “ALZHIR”, as well as, her sentence certificate in the Correctional Camp and passport of Klara Reingoldievna Guslavskaya, repressed in 1937-38-s were found.

         Also during the research work, Mukhtar Galimzhanov, a grandson of Faizolla Galimzhanov, a member of Alash party, Associate Professor of Kazakh and Kazakh literature at the State Pedagogical Institute named after Abay Kunanbayev, repressed in 1930-40-s, gave postage mark with picture of Faizolla Galimzhanov, published for 100-th anniversary of F. Galimzhanov and 100-th of Alash Horde.     

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